Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Spray Painted Nature Voids

VOID - "completely empty. blank, bare, free, unfilled." 

This is the word we learned today while painting. Spray painting, actually. I got this art activity idea from Martha Stewart, and we tweaked it a little. We talked about how when we paint, we usually paint a picture. But what would happen if we painted to create the absence of a picture? To explain this concept, we broke out the liquid water colors…in a brand new way. 

What You Need:
  • water color paper
  • liquid water colors
  • water
  • spray bottles (from the dollar store)
  • rocks, sticks, leaves, pebbles, etc. 
  • a tray, paper bag, trash bag or drop cloth to keep your driveway from being painted
What To Do:
  1. Fill the spray bottles with a few squirts of liquid water colors then add water to dilute.
  2. Put the water color paper on the tray and place your nature items on the paper. Tilt the tray up a little so when you spray the paint, the spray bottle works and doesn't start to sputter.
  3. Spray the paint on the paper and nature materials, alternating colors. 
  4. Once the paint has dried a little, remove the rocks, leaves, sticks, etc. 
  5. Once materials have been removed, you will see the void left behind from where the paint was blocked from the paper!! 
This is how it started...

Busy spray painted the rocks
There is the void! 
Then she tried it with a giant leaf.

She made sure to spray with the wind when the bottle needed
a refreshed pump.
There's the void again! This one is my favorite :)
And finally she made a collage of nature materials.

I love how she didn't try to fit the entire shape of each object
on the paper.

This was such a success! We will definitely be doing this one again!!

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