Saturday, August 2, 2014

Thinking Thursday - The Presidents

Every Thursday we do some sort of "thinking" activity. We learn something new through research. For example, Busy may have heard something or read something that she wants to know more about, so we do a little research. We have checked out library books about things, asked other people about things, and she has even learned how to use Google. Last weekend (after filling up their happy face behavior chart) Busy and the Beans got to pick out a new placemat for the dinner table. Busy chose the one with all of the President's faces and stats. After a few days of studying the Presidents at dinner, she began asking questions about them. We wrote down all that she wanted to know and on Thursday we sat down to find the answers to her questions.

We started by making a KWL chart. In the left column we wrote down what she knows about the Presidents. In the middle column we wrote down what she wants to know about the Presidents. And in the right column we wrote down what she learned during our research.
K - There are 44 Presidents, The first President was George Washington, Obama is the President now.

W - How was JFK killed? (on the mat it says he was killed in office), What Presidents are related to each other?, Who was the President when I (Busy) was born?

L - JFK was shot, FDR was related to 11 other Presidents!, George W. Bush was the President when I was born.

She really enjoys getting answers to her questions, and she asks a lot of them ;) Introducing the KWL chart is a good way to organize her thoughts, questions and ultimately the answers to those questions. This particular KWL chart is laminated so she can use dry erase markers and erase it when she needs it again. We take a picture of the completed chart to print off so when she erases it, she can still look back on her work.

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