Saturday, August 2, 2014

Tiny Tots

This week I conducted my experimental Tiny Tots Class! I have been asked over the past 2 years by a friend of mine to start an art class for the littlest of learners. Over the course of time, others have joined in wanting their littles to be part of it. Although I loved the idea, I honestly didn't think anything would ever come of it until last week when the Mama responsible for the initial idea decided it really was actually going to happen. Now. This week. No excuses :) So I sat down, got a lesson play written, and said yes! And what was supposed to be an art experience turned out to be much more than that. Through the natural course of a small child's curiosity, our morning turned into a discovery adventure…

Not knowing what kind of sensory experience she had, I decided to do some clean painting on the first day. I used red, yellow and blue and Busy helped by showing E how to push around the colors to mix them. 

Our next activity was shaving cream!! I put the shaving cream in a bag along with some red water balls and let the kids get to squishing. We used words like red, white, and squeeze.

Home made cherry play dough was our next sensory activity. They could use the rolling pin and scissors, and Busy got a Barbie boot to make footprints and the Beans got the horse for E to make prints, too :)

After exploring inside for a while it was time to take it outdoors for some dinosaur digging! A few days ago I put some dinosaur toys in a cake pan with water and stuck it in the freezer. Busy poured a little warm water on it and dumped it on the driveway. Beansie went to grab his tools and they got to work. 

After watching the older kids for a few minutes, E wanted to join in on the dig!! 

After breaking up the ice, they all ate "dino-pops" 

Then E spent the next 15 minutes filling up a cup with pebbles :) Great fine motor practice!!

At the end of the morning, E got to take her painting and shaving cream sensory bag home along with a photo of her exploring both activities. I would definitely say it was a success and I would for sure do it again! I love what it turned into!! And next time we may even get a little messy ;)

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