Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Grape Sculptures

What do you do when you have a giant box of Costco grapes? You play with your food, duuuhh. It's new years eve and it's freezing outside so we have been super busy inside (in our jammies) all day! The morning started with some math activities and the grape sculptures were a huge hit! You need some toothpicks and some grapes (you can also use marshmallows, but seeing as that they eat their artwork, grapes are a healthier/less sugar high route).

I started out by calling them to the table and left it totally open ended. 

Beansie thought it was a snack...

while Busy started out in a one demential mind frame.

Then he tried to see how many toothpicks he could stick
into one side of a grape.

Busy made an "enclosure" 

Then she put a giraffe in it! 

She also made an airplane

 and a star.

And Beansie made a "comet with a fire tail and a water tail."

This activity was engaging for seriously about 30 minutes! The possibilities are endless and it's great fine motor practice. And clean up is a breeze! You simply eat the grapes and use the toothpicks as swards! ;)

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