Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Eve Activities

Yesterday we spent the day celebrating new year's eve with some fun activities that the kids loved! I decided to let them pick some things to do for our celebration. This how it all went down…

If you ask my kids what kind of project they want to do, 90% of the time they will say "PAINT!" They don't seem to have a preference as to what kind of painting, exactly, they just like to create new things with paint :) So yesterday they chose liquid watercolors (my personal favorite) and they wanted to make fireworks to celebrate the new year. Busy typically doesn't actually want to paint with paintbrushes so she suggested they paint with empty paper towel rolls and make them look like fireworks.

 As they were painting we discussed other ways to make fireworks, and Busy mentioned the word "fizzy." She said that some fireworks sound fizzy when they go off in the sky. This got me to thinking about a classic science experiment! You know the one… the volcano!! It's fizzy and colorful and would make the perfect New Year's Eve celebration experiment. For this one you need baking soda, vinegar and food coloring. You can also add some liquid soap to make the fizzle more foamy.

Then we made some fizzy snow, which has nothing to do with new year's but is really cool.

What You Need:

  • baking soda
  • shaving cream
  • vinegar in a spray bottle
What To Do:

  1. Pour the desired amount of baking soda in the sensory bin or container.
  2. Add shaving cream in small amounts until snow has reached desired consistency. You want it moldable without sticking to your hands. 
  3. Let them play with it. It's even cold, like snow! Then when they start to lose interest, introduce the spray bottle of vinegar!! 
  4. Let them spray the vinegar on the snow and watch it bubble and fizz!! 

After all of our New Year's Eve celebrations, we ended the fun with a NYE snack of banana cupcakes!! I saw them here a while back and figured today was a great time to give them a try  :)

We had so much fun and hope that 2015 brings more fun and adventure!! Happy New Year!! :)

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