Thursday, February 19, 2015

Draw on Yourself

You may remember my addiction to my laminator. Well, my addiction has rubbed off on my daughter in the biggest way! She wants to laminate EVERYTHING! If she is particularly proud of an art project, she will laminate it. If she writes a great story, she laminates it. Heck! If she finds a piece of paper, she wants to laminate it! (which prompted a quick math lesson on the expenses of laminating sheets ;) I was printing some pictures from Instagram for our magnetic wall, when Busy asked if she could laminate some of the photos. Then I got this idea...

What You Need:
- a laminated picture of yourself
- dry erase markers
That's it! 

What To Do:
1. print off a picture of your child
2. If you have a laminator (which oddly enough, I suggest) great! If not, you can get it laminated for cheap at an office store or use a clear pocket binder sheets (the ones you used in college for portfolios or presentation binders.)
3. Use dry erase markers to draw on the laminated photos. Encourage them to be silly and creative!!

Facial hair and exaggerated features was a favorite with this one :)

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