Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Glass Bead Letter Tracing

My kids LOVE mirror play! We paint on mirrors, write with dry erase markers, build with LEGOS and blocks, write in shaving cream, stack stones, trace self portraits and tons of other things. Today we were playing with glass beads on the mirror and the Beans started trying to make his name using the beads. Busy tried helping him and she actually came up with the idea of writing the letters in his name on paper squares to help him with the letter shapes! So I wrote them out and he used the beads to trace the written letters. What's great, is that throughout the day, he kept going back to try again ;)

Then Lollie wrote out 'Mommy' herself and
had Beansie trace those as well :)

If you don't have glass beads you can use rocks, cheerios, macaroni or really anything that can be used to trace the written letters. And along with reinforcing letter shapes and recognition, (all literacy related) this activity is also great for fine motor development and language. 

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