Sunday, February 22, 2015

Spray Painted Snow!!

Man, oh man, this winter just keeps coming! We spent some of last week stuck inside with temps getting down below 0. And with the high tomorrow at a cool 18 degrees, it seems the snow will stay put a little longer. So today we suited up and headed out to paint...

What You Need:
- Liquid water colors
- spray bottles (we keep these on hand from the dollar store)
- snow
(if you don't have liquid water colors, you can color water with
food coloring or water down regular paint and fill the spray bottles)

What To Do: (this is so easy!!)
1. Fill the spray bottles with water colors.
2. Spray the snow. 
Yep. That's it. Now go and have fun!! 

The spray bottle with the purple wasn't working properly,
but Busy liked the drippy effect it made. 

Extension Activities:
- You could turn this into a color mixing lesson by spraying with red, yellow and blue.

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