Sunday, March 29, 2015


Where to start...I have literally typed and erased for thirty minutes trying to figure out how to start this post. It has nothing to do with what I usually post on this blog and yet it has everything to do with Busy and The Beans. The mess in my head is begging for organization where organization, at least for now, is impossible. I realize that I make this sound grave, and in the grand scheme of things it is a blip. A non issue. Nothing, really. But in my mind right now, it's insane. Because all that I know, and more importantly, that my kids know, is about to change. They were born in Louisville and everything they know is either here or crazy close to here. I moved here with Super Dad after getting married almost 10 years ago and seriously could not love it more. And soon we will all have to adjust to what might as well be Oz. Because we are moving to Seattle. I didn't say China or Tim-Buck-Too. Just Seattle. But like I said, it might as well be Oz.

The paragraph above is what I wrote a few months ago when I first found out about the move. Since then I have had time to chew it up and ponder the taste of change...and I dare say that I like it. Change is never easy but if it did't exist, the world would be slightly repetitive and a little boring. And this family has never liked being bored. I am sad to leave "my people" and "my city," but I am confident that my friendships with my amazing people are strong enough to stand the test of time and distance... (and thank goodness for Facebook and FaceTime!) My kids are starting to accept and welcome the change as well. We won't go until school is out, but it still has been very difficult for Busy to adjust to it all mainly because, for her, the anticipation of things is way worse than the actual thing. She is excited about the aquarium and the water and the mountains. And I am excited that it's Seattle and not Tim-Buck-Too, although we would make the best of that, too. The amount of adventures that the city has to offer is pretty much endless and our family has always loved a great adventure! So now, months later with smiles on our faces, we welcome the change and look forward to Oz.

Oz, here we come :)


  1. While I know that you will be missed terribly, you are in for such a fun adventure with your precious family!

  2. Moving to another place a little further away with small kids is not always easy but it is definitely worth all trouble! I am sure your family will make the best out of this new Oz you will call home after while. Good luck and all the best from Amsterdam!