Thursday, April 9, 2015

Science Turned Art

Have I ever mentioned that my favorite subject in school was Science? I loved it! From the early stuff  (learning how roots and stems worked), to the middle of the road concepts (how a potato can conduct electricity), to the big time (dissecting a pig), I always loved learning through a hands-on approach, and so do my kids! (Really all kids do, but that's for another post). Anyway, Busy recently got a window planter from Scholastic that allows you to plant carrots and beans and see the roots take hold.  To take a better look at how the whole plant works, we did some research about roots and stems and decided to experiment...old school style.

What You Need:
  • Celery
  • water
  • food coloring
  • glass jars
What To Do:
  1. Put water in jars and add food coloring
  2. place a celery stick in each jar
  3. be patient ;)
We placed the jars in the kitchen window and checked back the next day to see if there were any changes. After about 24 hours they could really see how the colored water got carried up the stems! But too much longer just resulted in wilted colored celery :p

They found carrots in the fridge and decided to see if
the same would happen to the carrot as it did to the celery.

After we put our experiment in the window to wait, the kids decided that they could use the left over celery (we really don't eat celery because "it has no taste :p" ) to paint! So we cut off the end of the celery bunch to use as a stamp and used the stalks as paint brushes!! They cut the tops off some carrots and used the orange part and the wadded up tops as painters, too!! Their creativity makes me smile :)

"Are these tubey things how the water goes up the stem?!" #smartypants ;)