Tuesday, January 12, 2016

More Printmaking

We have experimented with many different types of printmaking in our day, and not all have been successful. But unsuccessful is not a bad thing when it comes to art! How will you ever know if you don't try? Am I right?! This time we pulled out the never-fail mini muffin baking tin, The Bean's favorite print making tool, and some new tools that Busy wanted to try out.

What You Need: This time around we tried some new things. Some of them worked, some didn't.

  • mini muffin baking tin
  • paper bulletin board boarder
  • pipe cleaners
  • string 
  • veggies (she used the base ends of bok choy) 
  • foam letters (we glued ours on an empty squared off juice bottle)
  • paint
  • paper
What To Do:
  1. Lay out the materials so they can choose what they want to use first. 
  2. Dip each tool in the paint and press on the paper making a print.
  3. You can use one tool per paper or combine to make a scene or collage. 
  4. Let dry and hang to enjoy! 

Beansie used a Q-tip to make
voids in his paint for a
more interesting print.

Busy glued the pipe cleaner on a
brie container and rolled it
across her paper to make the print. 
She also glued the string on a piece of wood
and used it to stamp the print.

I love the happy mess that ends up on our table when the project starts to come to an end :)

Final notes: The LEGOS were my favorite print, the bulletin board boarder was Busy's favorite print, and the muffin tin is still Bean's favorite print. The letters on the bottle worked really well, inspiring them to make name plates! The string didn't work really well but the pipe cleaner did, so Busy suggested using a thicker string next time to see if that would work better. See? Unsuccessful is not a bad thing ;)


  1. Love the foam letters glued on! What is your favorite paint? Or recipes?

  2. Didn't the letters turn out great?! We use all sorts of paints depending the project. Some of our favorite paint recipes are here:

  3. I bought the tinker lab book, but I haven't officially out it into use. Cannot wait elaine to be able to participate.

    1. I just bought that book, too!! I also love the book "Action Art: Hands-On Active Art Adventures." It has some great art project ideas for active little ones :)