Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sink or Float

So, it's raining...again. And this time it's a little more than a put-your-hood-up-and-play-anyway kind of rain. So today in keeping with the we theme, we set up an indoor water activity: sink or float. The Beans collected some items to test in the water and we set out to investigate. 

What you need:
  • a small tup of water (or you can do it in the bath tub)
  • items for testing (he used a paperclip, a hair band, spoon, 2 bouncy balls, a small LEGO and an eraser)
  • a way to record your findings (we made a chart on paper)
What to do:
  1. Simple test each object in the water then record which items float and which ones sink! 
  2. Remember to discuss the "why" when doing this! It's a great way to introduce new vocabulary like buoyancy and comparisons like heavier. It's also exciting to to see some unexpected results!! 

He wrote F for float and S for sink

There is an F and a S for the ball because one floated and the other sank. 

Then he wanted to make foil boats to see if he could get all of the objects to float! 

And they did!! 

This activity is super fun to do in the bath! And I always keep aluminum foil (from the dollar store) on hand for boat making :) 

Happy investigating!! 

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  1. He looks to be an intelligent kid. I think its really good to get kids involve into studies by giving them similar conditions and helping them out. They will learn fast in this way.