Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Marker Cars Action Art

Some of you know how much I love the book Action Art: Hands-On Active Art Adventures. It gives some great ideas about how to marry action with art, having fun with the creative process and not always focusing on the final product. The Action Art book says this about art with movement: "We all know that children prefer to be active, and action art incorporates the child's need for creativity. The art experiences are based on the philosophy that children will learn from the process of creating, and that the finished product is the result of that process, not the goal." This marker car activity does just that. Busy and the Beans got lost in how it all moved and what was happening, as opposed to what the product was "supposed" to look like. There was no wrong way to do it. Marker cars is something we have done before, but this time we used the cars that you pull back then they propel forward on their own. The automatic movement made it sooo much better!! Next time we may even try remote controlled cars!

What You Need:

  • Self propelled cars, trucks or planes
  • A long sheet of paper
  • Washable markers - I say washable because there is a strong chance the vehicles will veer off the paper. Washable markers wipe up much easier than regular ones ;)
  • Blue painter's tape
What To Do:
  1. Tape the long paper to the floor.
  2. Tape the markers to the vehicles making sure the tip of the marker touches the paper once taped.
  3. Wind them up and let them go! (put one person at each end of the paper so the vehicles don't drive off the end and onto the rug...)

As always, please feel free to share photos of your kiddos in the art process on our Facebook page or email me!! We love seeing others doing what we do :) And if you have a favorite activity you would like to share with us, do that too!! We love new ideas! 


  1. This is a great idea to keep the children busy for long time. They will surely enjoy this wonderful activity. The toddlers especially like marking on floors and walls. This is a good idea for them to enjoy the colours.